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The Lantern Centre – Interfaith Hospitality Centre

The Lantern Centre was created in Autumn 2007 to facilitate the emergence of a truly multicultural society by bridging the current cultural and religious differences.

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The Centre hosts immigrants from up to thirty countries some of whom are amongst the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in Ireland. For many of them the Centre is the only special social space outside of the family or workplace where they can find hospitality and get the opportunity to meet and share their native language, culture, tradition and faith. The Lantern Centre has become the preferred place for their social and cultural activities such as classes in native languages, music and dance, celebration of national and religious festivals, art and photographic exhibitions.

The founding vision cherished the aspiration that the Centre would become a place of hospitality inspired by the symbolism attached to it in the life of Nano Nagle who searched the back lanes of Cork each evening with her lantern seeking those who lacked food and shelter.

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