Edmund Rice Europe

Following the 2008 Chapter, the Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) visited all parts of the Congregation and witnessed inspiring examples of dedicated service, some of it with people at the margins. They recognized, too, that a fundamental change in the approach of the Congregation to its work – and to its community living – had to happen if Brothers were to respond more urgently to the cries of suffering people in our world.

The plan as it evolved was given the title  “Our Way into the Future”. You can read all about the plan and its implementation on the dedicated website: www.ourwayintothefuture.org


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The life, work and values of Edmund Rice, who founded the Christian Brothers and the Presentation Brothers, continues to provide inspiration and challenge to many who seek to follow his example of love and service to the poor and marginalised.

The work includes providing and supporting :

  • education (mainstream and alternative, adult, primary, post-primary and third level)
  • opportunities to reflect on what it is to be human and explore questions of faith,
  • opportunities for interfaith dialogue,
  • Edmund Rice Camps for disadvantaged young people,
  • Developing World immersion programmes for adults and young people…




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