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Throughout the world the Christian Brothers, the religious congregation founded by Blessed Edmund Rice, continues its mission in a variety of settings. Inspired by the original vision of Blessed Edmund Rice the main focus of the congregation’s mission is education. Education continues to be the main path to development and enhanced human potential for people, particularly in the developing world.

The experience of the pandemic has been most keenly felt in the developing world. Pope Francis drew attention to this, noting that ten million children have been forced to leave school as a result of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. He also noted that over 250 million school age children excluded from all educational activities

Pope Francis challenges us to rethink our social models. We need a new model based on the dignity of the person and his or her ability to change society at its very heart. We are encouraged to reach out to the most vulnerable members of our societies, particularly the children and young people.

The Christian Brothers and the wider Edmund Rice family are active throughout the world in responding to this integral vision of education, where no one is left behind. Education is a key context within which people can become agents for their own learning and development. This is the reason why the Right to Education remains fundamental for society. As Pope Francis remarked, “education is above all a matter of love and responsibility handed down from one generation to another “. See: https://www.fafce.org/pope-francis-heartwarming-message-on-education-in-times-of-pandemic/

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