It was agreed that the issues that had been under discussion the previous day would be revisited in the second part of the Chapter. The facilitators also informed the gathering that there would be an effort to adopt a slower pace for the day’s events.
In mid-morning Brothers collected affirmation pages that they could fill out to be given to those that they were considering for nomination for leadership. This process took some time. By noon the Chapter was in a position to confirm their readiness to formally nominate Brothers for Leadership.
The morning concluded with the overwhelming acceptance of a proposal by Leadership that the next team be composed of a Province Leader and four Councillors, one of whom would be the Deputy Leader. The Chapter also accepted December 31
st 2013 as the date for the announcement of the new Team and mid-April 2014 as the time the new Team would take office.
On Wednesday afternoon the Brothers began the process of nomination to the next Leadership Team. As mentioned above, nominations were for a Province Leader and four Councillors, one of whom would be the Deputy Leader. This task went smoothly and the sealed nomination papers were collected for submission to the Congregation Leadership Team. The rest of the afternoon and evening was taken up with engagement with invited representatives of the Edmund Rice Network. Congregation Leader, Brother Philip Pinto, gave an inspiring and challenging talk. John Cooley, from the Network Leadership Group, followed Philip’s address with an address focusing upon the document ‘A Vision for our Future’ recently released by the Network Leadership Group. This document bears striking comparison with the thrust of the Congregation’s document ‘A Way into the Future’ although the two documents were conceived independently. The Jubilees of Brothers noted at the beginning of the day were marked by a social evening and two huge cakes courtesy of the catering staff in Emmaus.