Morning Sessions
The President began the day by reading out a number of messages of support, which were gratefully received, and congratulated two Brothers on the occasion of their Jubilee.
The Province Chapter Report, which had been released to the Brothers some months ago for private and communal study, was then formally presented and discussed. This was followed by the Stewardship Report presented by the Province Bursar, Eddy Coupe, and L&P Trustee Services Limited. The report, which was presented in some detail by Owen McCabe, is to be further studied in the course of the week by the Stewardship Committee.
Afternoon Sessions
The afternoon began with further consideration of where we are as a Province and of the issues that are facing us. Discussion was informed by the availability of a summary of the responses submitted to the Province Leadership over the past few months by the Community Cluster groups.
By the early evening the Chapter was ready to look at criteria for Leadership. These were surfaced in the light of the Report of the Team to the Province, and the discussion of the issues considered to be the most important facing the Province.
The Chapter was now ready to engage in an affirmation process of those Brothers whose names were being suggested for Leadership. This was approved by the capitulants as a preparation for the more formal nomination process.